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What dog trainer Max Polyakov Thinks is the Best Way to Handle Pets and Children

What dog trainer Max Polyakov Thinks is the Best Way to Handle Pets and Children

Max Polyakov and his lovely wife just had to experience the highs and lows of preparing a house full of pets for the arrival of a new baby. They had a rather unpleasant experience when their dog, EOS refused to welcome the new baby girl Amelia just had. Between Max Polyakov and his wife, the couple has about fifteen pets, made up of six cats, four dogs, three parrots and two pretty hamsters.

His dog, EOS was adamant and became very violent against the little child, so much so that he had to be given away to another family. Max Polyakov knew and understood that preparing his pets for the arrival of his new baby was indeed quite a stretch. From his experience, he highlighted some steps that proved almost perfect in bringing the animals up to speed about another human in the house.

Training animals

He is a staunch believer in training his animals. To Max Polyakov, the number one thing a dog needs to learn is social skills and how to live with other human beings. These social skills enable the dogs to detect unsafe people and also stops them from attacking just anyone who comes to the house before assessing the person first. He also believes that training your dog is also important to build a good enough rapport with the animal. This ensures a happier life with a good understanding between the dog and his owner.

When it comes to children, some of the rules have to change with regards to handling the pets at home. Max Polyakov and Amelia were of the opinion that making some of these changes while still pregnant give enough time for these animals to understand the gravity of the new changes that are being implemented.

Making new rules

Animals like routines that’s why it is important to introduce these new rules prior to the birth of a new baby. Just as Max Polyakov and his wife were expecting a new baby, they decided to spend less and less time with EOS especially, so that it would be used to it when the new child came. Another thing that he recommended was to have more gatherings including young children at home. This allows the animals to get acquainted with many different sizes of human beings and understand that children need much more gentleness to deal with than adults. During this time, Max Polyakov and his wife also paid special attention to EOS and their pets’ obedience level and how likely they were to rebel against the family. If you have cats like Max Polyakov and Amelia had, making a special effort to keep their nails trimmed at all times surely keeps them from causing accidents at home. In all, a loving respectful pet, with the right conditioning will welcome your child as his own.

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