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Max Polyakov: Recommendations on Navigating Life with Newborns and Animals

Max Polyakov and his spouse welcomed a newborn but this affected the lives of their pet, EOS completely. This animal envied the newborn and she even behaved wildly whenever she was near her. Polyakov and his spouse chose to give that pet away to other people who equally liked pets.

Getting an animal ready for a newborn

Max Polyakov: Recommendations on Navigating Life with Newborns and Animals

Max Polyakov believes that some training is necessary for pets if you are having a newborn. This can give the animal the necessary skills which can make it behave properly in any situation.

A new baby in the house brings a lot of changes to everyone. Max Polyakov believes it is good to make any expected changes before a child is born. This will minimize the possibility of an animal-hating the newborn.

Also, it is necessary to desensitize every animal to unnecessary touching; something small babies tend to do. A pet must feel okay with being touched on any area where the tiny fingers of a newborn might reach.

Max Polyakov again suggests that the pets should be prepared for certain guidelines. For instance, changes in the sections of the home where they will no longer go to. He further recommends seeking expert help in case your preparations bear no fruits.

Finding a good trainer

To get a trainer, Max suggests talking to kernel clubs, animal corporations, animal coaching websites, and any pets’ organizations. A consultation will bring several suggestions from the best trainers and you should analyze each trainer thoroughly so that you determine who can handle your animal well.

Max Polyakov additionally suggests going through coaching materials online. This is where one may learn how to coach pets on his/her own in case it is hard to get an experienced trainer.

Preparing your surrounding for a newborn

Max Polyakov says that people should ensure that all parts of the home are secure. The surrounding needs to be made exciting and peaceful.

You may design a play area within the home near a place where you are in a position to see the child as you engage in other chores.


If all the above suggestions are implemented, Max Polyakov believes that a pet will never behave the way EOS behaved after the baby was born. Also, people and their pets must get used to any change that may take place. In the end, everybody at home will feel comfortable having a new member of the family.

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