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Advice by Max Polyakov on how to properly navigate life with kids and pets

Advice by Max Polyakov on how to properly navigate life with kids and pets

More about Max Polyakov on training animals

Max Polyakov and his partner had their baby and that changed the life of EOS entirely. She started feeling envious and she acted wild around the baby. Max and his partner agreed to send out EOS to another home which liked pets too.

How to get EOS and any other animal prepared for a newborn

Max Polyakov suggests giving animals basic coaching first. That can equip the animal with social skills that can make them conduct themselves well in all circumstances.

A newly born child brings many changes to the house. Max advised that it is better to make those changes before that child comes. This can reduce the likelihood of a pet disliking the childlike EOS did.

It is also good to desensitize the pets to the careless touching that a child can dole out. The pet must be comfortable with being touched anywhere where the small hands of a child may reach.

Max Polyakov additionally suggests preparing the pets for different rules, for example, change in places they are not permitted to enter around the home. Also, consider professional help if all your preparations fail.

Getting the right professional trainer

Max could get the ideal trainer for EOS through consulting kernel clubs, pets associations, animal training websites, and other animal organizations. Consultation offers many suggestions of experienced instructors and one must analyze every trainer to determine who will handle his/her animal better.

Max Polyakov also suggests reading training books where you can learn how to train the pet on your own should you fail to find a professional trainer.

Making the home ready for a baby

Make sure every section of your home is safe. You should also make the home fun and relaxing.

You may form a play area within your house. That play space must be near the main room or somewhere where you are able to see your kid as you go on with other necessary duties.

The home must additionally be designed in a manner that one can rest whenever the kid is far from your sight.


Max Polyakov is convinced that if all those preparations are done well, an animal can never act like EOS after a newborn arrives. Also, pet owners and their animals should get used to every change that comes about. In the end, everyone around the home will be used to having an addition to the family.

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